Psychotherapy: Things to Keep in Mind

In this fast-paced world, where everyone is vying to be on the top, the feeling of depression and anxiety is rather common. A survey conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that over 30 million Americans seek therapy for various issues beyond their control, such as personal relationship issues, health issues, stress from workplace, some tragic accident, substance abuse, etc. Such losses can be of terrible nature and can ruin the mental health of a person. In those situations, a licensed professional is needed to sort out the problem and bring back the situation to normalcy.

When is therapy necessary?

  • Feeling of helplessness and despondency in spite of social support.
  • Inability to perform daily activities and problem concentrating on work.
  • Intense feeling of anxiety and dreadfulness.
  • Indulgence in self-harming behaviour, like drug abuse or behaviour considered dangerous to others.

How to Choose a Psychologist or Psychotherapist

There are always times when things might not feel right. You may be perplexed, you may not like what is happening around you and you might be disturbed by what happens in your life. This is when you would want an expert to listen and discuss what is plaguing you.

Sometimes, everyday problems can seem beyond the control of a person. People become overwhelmed because of the death of a parent, spouse, or a friend, losing a pet, work and career-related troubles, and many other issues. In such a case, a person needs an outlet; he or she needs to talk to someone to let out these feelings. If such an issue is left untreated for long, there may be chances that a person may be left depressed, anxious, and disturbed. This is when such a person will need help from a trained professional, someone who would listen to them and someone who would be able to give them advice on how to deal with such a situation when they are confronted by it. Someone who will empower them to resolve the problems and take their lives back.

Taking Medications

“Pop a pill and everything will be alright!” This statement seems to be catching on really quickly. So many people blindly believe the concept that by taking a pill, the hurdles you face will mysteriously disappear. If you are one of these people and are suffering from a problem, say anxiety, your first option would be to run to a professional who is trained and allowed to prescribe medications. This individual is normally a physician or a nurse and no one’s first preference seems to be a psychologist. Moreover, no one opts for psychotherapy as a way to tackle the problems.

The effectiveness of medications depends on the degree of the problem for which you want to take them. For some psychological disorders, they are guaranteed to work and are even recommended. For others? Not quite, if studies are to be believed. For example, anti-depressants are found to be very beneficial for persons suffering from a severe case of depression. Individuals undergoing a mere case of mild depression will see for themselves that the anti-depressants have proved fruitless.

Appointment with the Psychologist

            The very thought of going to a psychologist can be intimidating. You’re about to literally confess almost, if not all, of your intimate thoughts with someone you’ve never met before. You have every right to feel uneasy and skeptical. However, remember that you are not the only one to feel this way. Your sheer will power to conquer this anxiety will help you tremendously and later on in life, you will pat yourself in the back for having taken the bold step. All you have to do is start by making a phone call.

            Psychologists are aware of the turbulent emotions within someone who is yet to make the initial contact. They are used to this and therefore, know how to tackle this situation effectively without making it difficult for you. Once you leave behind your name and contact details, the psychologist would call you. Thereafter, the two actors would discuss the needs of the client and whether or not the psychologist will be capable to help meet them. If he or she can, then an appointment will be set.

Psychotherapy – Movies vs. Reality

Someone suggested that you see a psychologist… Psychologist? No way! After watching all these movies and TV shows, you know what a psychologist is and what this person does. Who doesn’t?! Isn’t he the crazy doc with German accent wearing a large shiny disc on his forehead and an insane grin on his face? Think Jack Nicholson type. Of course, there is also a “boring version” of a psychologist repeating “tell me more about it” and watching the clock… No, I don’t need this one either.

Let’s start with surprising statement that media slightly distorts how psychologists work. Let’s have a look at movie inspired wisdom and reality.

What movies make you believe?

Mentally unstable and deranged people wearing straightjackets are the only ones to go to psychotherapy.