How to Choose a Psychologist or Psychotherapist

How to Choose a Psychologist or Psychotherapist

There are always times when things might not feel right. You may be perplexed, you may not like what is happening around you and you might be disturbed by what happens in your life. This is when you would want an expert to listen and discuss what is plaguing you.

Sometimes, everyday problems can seem beyond the control of a person. People become overwhelmed because of the death of a parent, spouse, or a friend, losing a pet, work and career-related troubles, and many other issues. In such a case, a person needs an outlet; he or she needs to talk to someone to let out these feelings. If such an issue is left untreated for long, there may be chances that a person may be left depressed, anxious, and disturbed. This is when such a person will need help from a trained professional, someone who would listen to them and someone who would be able to give them advice on how to deal with such a situation when they are confronted by it. Someone who will empower them to resolve the problems and take their lives back.

A good therapist will help the patient to learn more about the troubles in their life and how they can improve their lives and live healthier. Therapists are trained to deal with various psychological problems and resolve them through talk therapy.

We obviously recommend that you choose one of our members. Yet, you have multiple options.  There are may be hundreds of psychologists in your city who promise to help you live a better life. But how do you choose the psychologist who will work best for you?

  1. Referrals are always the best option: Before you start scouring the Internet, or skimming the Yellow Pages, it is always a good idea to start with your friends and family. They can give you a good idea about psychologists and can also point you out to some of the best ones in and around your locality. Usually, these are the people who will help you out when making a choice. They are supportive and hence will help you select the best psychologist for you.
  2. Online forums: Finding a good psychologist online, again, works on referrals. You will need to really read reviews and find out which of the psychologists are good and find the ones who will be able to help you better. There are many special sites that will help you find the psychologist you are looking for. Try and look in to their reputation and experience before making a final choice.
  3. Schools and Universities can also be good resources: Most schools and colleges have counselors to look into the mental well-being of the children studying there. These psychologists and counselors are not only meant for kids, but they may look into adult cases too. You can visit them and ask for their help and sometimes, they may even refer you to other counselors who may be able to help you better. This is a good place because most of the counselors on school campus are really qualified and can help students and adults alike with a wide-range of issues.
  4. Choosing according to gender: Sometimes, you may be more comfortable with one gender than the other. In this case, you will need to find psychologists with whom you can open up better. Most people have an instinctive need to open up better if they are with the same sex, but this may also differ from case to case. In the case you are confused, you can easily check out and try both the genders before you make the final choice.
  5. Reputation: The reputation is a very important facet when you are looking for a psychologist. Reputation and experience will guide you on how to help the patient better. Because most psychologists today have their own sites, you can check the testimonials on their site to know more about the kind of services being provided by them. You can also call a few of the previous clients to know more about the services being provided.
  6. Credentials to look for: Apart from the reputation and experience, it is also important to check that the psychologist you will be going to is qualified enough to handle the different situations they will come across every day. See whether they have the right credentials and has passed with the right degree from a good college. There is no dearth of quacks and it is important that the psychologist you are looking for has the right credentials.
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