Can Psychotherapy Be Beneficial For You?

Can Psychotherapy Be Beneficial For You?

There are several things in our daily life that we cannot deal with. Though we try and manage everything that is happening around us, there are, however, times when we cannot control what happens around us. This is where we are disturbed, perturbed, and anxious. We do not know who can help us. We are out of choices and we know we will need help from an expert. A psychologist is a person who can help you in such a case.

A psychologist is like a counselor. He or she is someone who would listen to you, analyze your problems, and help you find solutions to many of the problems that feel unsolvable. People come to psychologists for a range of problems. Here are some of them:

  1. Rachel has been depressed for a long time. She was in love with a man, but he spurned her advances after being friendly for quite some time. He suddenly disappeared from her life and she was confused all throughout. She couldn’t understand what went wrong. Now, she is delusional and spends every second of her time spying on him. She has given up on her education and social life. Her mother is heartbroken. She cries day and night and has lost interest in life. Though she does not have suicidal tendencies yet, her mother fears that this too might happen very soon if nothing is changed.

This is a typical case of depression. What Rachel is going through has left all her family members confused. Though the causes are apparent, she might not be able to come out of this if she is not given expert help soon. What Rachel now feels is that no one understands her. She believes her parents do not know what is troubling her. She needs to talk to an expert and in this case, she will need to talk to a psychologist about how to deal with such a problem.

A psychologist will give a fresh perspective to this case. He or she will look into the ways her case can be diagnosed and also ways through which she will be able to look at life in a different way. A psychologist is gifted in the sense that he or she will be able to get through Rachel and reach the root of the problem. They will listen to her and be an outlet for her to let out her feelings. She will be assisted by the psychologist to find out how this problem could be solved and he or she will be there to navigate through these problems.

  1. William has always been a good student throughout his school life. His middle-school and high school exam records are stellar. Now after getting admitted in one of the best Ivy League colleges, his grades have suddenly dropped. He is no longer passing and his teachers have been repeatedly sending letters back home about his performance. William is finding it difficult to cope here because examinations are freaking him out. Exam stress is making it difficult for him to concentrate and he is losing all his focus

This case is of stress. William, who has always excelled in hislife, suddenly feels there is too much pressure at college. There is too much to study and everything is becoming a problem for him now. He has given up on his education because he is too stressed to deal with it. In the flight or fight response, William chose the former.

Here, his college counselor can be of great help. He or she can talk to William and tell him that such things are a part of college. Just because he is not able to cope with it, does not mean that he should give up on it. The counselor should tell him new and novel ways through which William could study and cope with the education system.

The psychologist will teach him how to utilize the resources and take advantage of them. The psychologist will help the client develop proper problem-solving skills and come up with solutions to these.

  1. James was deployed in the war in Iraq. Now that he is finally home, he can’t get over the fact that he is living a normal life. At night, he can’t sleep. He hallucinates and swears that he can hear gunshots and artillery sounds. He is jumpy and any loud sound is likely to startle and disturb him.

This is a classic case of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. After being in the war for years, James is finding it hard to adjust in his daily life and a psychologist can help him get over this stress by different methods available now. There are various simulation programs that can help soldiers recuperate from their problematic time in the war and make their transition into daily life much easier.


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